Do you own a building with development potential?

It is unlikely your organisation has the expertise to capitalise on this opportunity, however
Alex Martin Commercial does and recommends two options:


Become a Developer
‘Design & Build’

You will benefit from a complete one-stop shop service where all steps from initial design meetings, surveys, funding and construction through to completion will all be managed and guaranteed by Alex Martin Commercial at a set price.


  • You can design & have a new D1 unit built within the development.
  • We organise your finance for construction.
  • We use a building firm with over 10 years track record of whom are recognized by the banks.
  • You have full control upon completion to hold the assets, rent or sell.
  • You benefit from 100% of the net profit.
  • Alex Martin Commercial will mange the process through to completion.


Become a Developer
‘Joint Venture’

If you own a freehold but don’t have the financial ability for the planning process prior to the construction phase; this route still gives you the ability to benefit from development.


  • You can design & have a new D1 unit built within the development.
  •  Your current building will be given an initial agreed value which will be protected for you
  • We will arrange a 100% contribution of costs.
  • Upon completion you will receive your initial protected value back plus 50% share of net profits
  • Once planning has been obtained you can decide whether to build or sell. If you sell you can still retain the new D1 unit.
  • Alex Martin Commercial will manage the process through to completion

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